Digital Health.

MaishaBit’s Personalised digital health solutions empower both patients and their physicians to monitor chronic conditions.

It also provides Real World Data and Evidence that support life-changing decisions and life-style changing.

Home Care.

MaishaBit’s digital health solutions enhance individualized Home Care by integrating existing hospital care workflows.

Home Care enhances healthcare provision by reducing costs and boosting patient satisfaction via remote monitoring and access to healthcare data. It also enhances social distancing in times of COVID-19.

Self Monitoring.

To sustain healthy levels of blood glucose levels and HbA1c, self-monitoring of all modifiable risk factors is essential. 


Prevention of diabetes complications is vital, since according to International Diabetes Federation, it is estimated that one person dies from diabetes and its complications every seventh second.

The number of people living with diabetes globally is expected to increase to 700 million people in 2045 and diabetes expenditure is expected to increase to USD 845 billion. This expenditure is also related to diabetes complications such as cardiovascular diseases, which affects 70% of all diabetic patients.